Deck Remodel

Need an excuse for a new deck? Here are the Top 5 reasons for a deck remodel

Are you dreading entertaining on your deck this season? Is it too small or dull and dingy looking? If you want to make the most of your outdoor space this spring and summer maybe it’s time for a deck remodel. Think about how enjoyable the upcoming season would be with a nice, newly upgraded deck.  Here are the top five reasons why you should consider each remodeling your deck today.

Increase size

Most home come with a standard deck size that maybe just big enough for a small table and a grill be little else. However if you are looking to maximize your outdoor space increasing, the size of your deck is a great solution. You can continue your living space right out onto your deck. Your new deck will become an extension of your home.

Spending more time outside

A great way to spend some extra time outside relaxing and enjoying nature is to hang out on your deck. If you have a small deck or a deck that is in disrepair remodeling it to a better condition will make you want to spend time outside.

Add new features

Why not add a built-in seating or a fire pit? With the deck remodel you can have it all even,  a spot just for your grilling and cooking area. A great upgrade is to add a water feature. The soothing sounds will relax you even on the most frantic of days.


The most important reason to remodel your deck is to bring it up to safety codes. If your deck is old the footings could be rotting or the material could be splintering. Newer decking materials made of composite decking materials are a great improvement. You won’t have to worry about staining or sealing and your deck will be more secure and functional.


Barbecue season is upon us and there’s nothing better than hosting a party in your own backyard. Your deck’s current condition could be preventing you from having all of this fun. Upgrade your deck now and you will be ready to host the next gathering.

There are no downsides to having your deck remodeled. Don’t wait any longer to enjoy all that your upgraded outdoor space has to offer. Call the deck remodeling experts at GDC Contracting today to get started on your upgraded deck.